Has your dog gone crazy? Or are you stuck at the office ? Call me

Contact Me

Jessica Humphries     412-867-8325

 Dog walking , pet sitting, and waste removal

About me

My name is Jessica and have been working with dogs all my life. I own three dogs and a cat. I have worked at boarding kennels and have seen the stress that the animals have to endure . That is why I have decided to open my own pet sitting/dog walking service. I also will be starting dog trainer school soon which after I finish,I then will offer training too.

Services and Rates

Pet Sitting - Dogs $20 a day ( up to three dogs)*
                   Cats  $15 a day ( 30 minutes feed and play and litter box cleaning)*
                   Medication-$4 a day (no IV)
Dog Walking- $10 a walk ( I can walk doubles )*

Waste Removal- $8 per dog per week

*Prices may vary depending on what your needs are.

If you need anymore info feel free to leave me a message.

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My Doggy Family

This is Champ my 4year old heinz 57 dog. He is part pointer, pitt, and whatever else. He is the trouble maker in my house but we love him. He was a rescued dog from Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.


Now at 10 Abbey is no spring chicken but she will put the other too in line if needed. She is border collie /collie mix. One of the smartest dogs I have ever owned.


Charlie is the most recent addition to my family. He was a dog on death row in Ohio. I am so glad I adopted him because he is so much like Abbey and is so funny he helps me through the tough times.

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